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No matter how smooth your floor may be, a rug underlayment can help make your home more comfortable. If you`ve spent your hard-earned money on a high-quality rug, you should be able to rest assured that the rug will last. You can protect the underside of your rug and prevent slip and falls by having some form of underlayment or padding between the floor and your rug.

Underlayment can also extend its life. When you come into Rug Center to discuss purchasing a new rug, we can help you find the perfect rug and underlayment to fit your needs and concerns.
The benefits of purchasing an underlayment include:

  • rugs won't wear out as easily

  • rugs will be much softer to walk on

  • rugs won't slip out from beneath your feet

  • the thin layer of underlayment made up of sticky, spongy fabrics work like insulation and protect the rug


Have Your Rugs Repaired

If you've had an exquisite rug in your family for quite some time, you may be aware that older, antique rugs need to be repaired over time. While newer rugs seldom need repairing, antique rugs can become worn and need to be rewoven. Having your rug repaired at Rug Center may not just bring it back to its original condition, it can actually protect it from further damage as well.

Benefits of rug repair, restoration, or painting include:

  • Restoring faded areas

  • Your rug looking as good as new

  • Preventing future damage

Rugs can fade over time due to the chemicals in the environment and in cleaning agents. Rug painting is a very delicate, detailed type of work that can restore the colors of your rug to look as good as new. At Rug Center, our professional restorative staff are able to provide exceptional quality work such as repairing the foundation and reweaving the pile, sewing tears, and repairing or replace borders.


Call us today at 650-938-7846 to find out more about our repair and restoration services!

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Exceptional Spot Removal

Even the cleanest and most careful households find that their rugs become stained or dull over time. Although you can usually get the majority of a substance out of your rug if you notice it immediately, this is not always the case. Some substances are cannot be cleaned easily or have already left a nasty stain that has been left for quite some time.

Accumulated over time, things such as dirt and food become visible and dull the colors of your rug and our team at Rug Center may be able to assist you.

We Clean Rugs Exposed To:

  • Food stains

  • Beverage stains

  • Grease stains

  • Pet stains

  • Smoke stains

At Rug Center, we offer cleaning and spot removal services, because we recognize that the cleanliness and clarity of your rugs is an important part of your home`s appearance. When we are able to get the grit and dirt trapped in carpet pile out, you may be amazed at the difference.

Call us now at 650-938-7846 to inquire about our cleaning services.

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