Javeed Chaudhry is widely known as the leading authority on Luxury Rugs of all kinds.

Originally from a Rug Making family in Pakistan, he moved to New York and became a very successful Rug Importer. Eventually, he took his knowledge, experience, and craft, and moved to Palo Alto, California where he opened a retail store. Very quickly, his reputation for integrity, selection, and high quality developed throughout the entire Bay Area. In order to bring you the best selection in the industry, his storefront is now located in Mountain View where he over 15,000 Luxury Rugs in stock in his showroom.

Our rugs are the highest quality rugs you are likely to find in the Palo Alto and Mountain View areas. We have extensive knowledge about rugs and the trade, and are known for providing excellent service. At Rug Center, we believe that if you have a dream of a custom rug, we can make it. We customize any color, any size, and any material, even hand-knotted rugs. It's all about learning what will make you satisfied and happy, and then doing it.

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  • Indian Rugs

  • Afghan Rugs

  • Pakistani Rugs

  • Turkish Rugs

  • Handmade/ Hand-Knotted Rugs

  • Custom Rugs

No matter how smooth your floor may be, a rug underlayment can help make your home more comfortable. If you`ve spent your hard earned money on a high-quality rug, you should be able to rest assured that the rug will last. You can protect the underside of your rug and prevent slip and falls by having some form of underlayment or padding between the floor and your rug. An underlayment can also extend its life. When you come into Rug Center to discuss purchasing a new rug, we can help you find the perfect rug and underlayment to fit your needs and concerns.

The benefits of purchasing an underlayment include:

  • Rugs won`t wear out as easily

  • Rugs are much softer to walk on

  • Rugs won`t slip from beneath your feet

  • A thin layer of underlayment is made up of sticky or spongy fabrics which works as insulation and protects the rug.