We Can Store Your Rugs

Ideal Storage Facility for Rugs, in Mountain View

Something you may not have been told when you purchased your rug is how important it is to provide proper storage for it. In the average domestic environment, we tend to store our items in cool, damp cellars and basements, or hot, dry attics which are unsuitable storage for rugs and valuable items. Most closets are not large enough or are full of other items, leaving no room for you to hold your rugs. If you are concerned about where to store your rug, allow our team at Rug Center to assist you.

You may be looking to store your rug for the following reasons:

  • Different rugs for different seasons
  • Rugs have become damaged
  • Moved to a different, smaller home

At Rug Center, we can store your rugs at our facility in Mountain View. We offer a safe, ideal environment for your valuable rugs.

Contact us today at 650-938-7846 to find out how about our proper, ideal rug storage facility!