Have Your Rugs Repaired

If you've had an exquisite rug in your family for quite some time, you may be aware that older, antique rugs need to be repaired over time. While newer rugs seldom need repairing, antique rugs can become worn and need to be rewoven. Having your rug repaired at Rug Center may not just bring it back to its original condition, it can actually protect it from further damage as well.

Benefits of rug repair, restoration, or painting may include:

  • Looking as good as new
  • Preventing future damage
  • Restore faded rugs

Rugs can fade over time due to the chemicals in the environment and in cleaning agents. Rug painting is a very delicate, detailed type of work which can restore the colors of your rug to look as good as new. At Rug Center, our professional restorative staff are able to provide exceptional quality work such as repairing the foundation and reweaving the pile, sewing tears, and repairing or replace borders.


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