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High-quality, hand-knotted, and superfine—this piece is a treasure among treasures.

Made in the city of Qom (also spelled "Qum"), Iran, this design is historic and unique to its origins. It is a signed piece; the weaver's name and city beautifully integrated, seamlessly into the border.


Beheshti. Paradise.

Persian Qum Beheshti Area Rug

$50,000.00 Regular Price
$35,000.00Sale Price
1 Square foot
Excluding Sales Tax
  • Make: Iran, Persian Double-Knot

    Material: 100% Silk Pile on 100% Silk Foundation

    Age: Circa 1960s

    Knots Per Square Inch: approx 1100 knots

    Size: 7’10” x 7’10”

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