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Javeed Chaudhry is widely renown as a leading authority on luxury rugs of all kinds.

Originally from a rug-making family in Pakistan, as his own father was a rug weaver, Javeed moved to New York at the beginning of the 1980s and made a name for himself among rug importers. He spent the decade traveling to many countries, exploring and absorbing all he could about the rug-making world and the treasures it brought to being.

Wanting to settle down in the early 90s so that he could spend more time with his wife and children, Javeed took his knowledge, experience, and craft to Palo Alto, California, where he opened a retail store.

He quickly built a reputation for the integrity, extensive choice, and high quality of his rug collection throughout the entire Bay Area. His own reputation flourished as a knowledgeable, passionate, and fair rug salesman. Many of the customers he served earlier on, in the '90s and early 2000s, are still his loyal customers today—entrusting Javeed and the Rug Center with all of their rug needs.

His storefront is now located in Los Altos, where he has over 15,000 rugs in stock in his showroom.

At the Rug Center, we have not only the highest quality rugs you are likely to find within the Silicon Valley, but also one of the most diverse selections:


  • Turkish

  • Persian

  • Afghani

  • Caucasian

  • Pakistani

  • Indian

  • Navajo

  • Nepali

  • Tibetan

  • Chinese

  • Transitional

  • Contemporary

  • Antiques in all kinds of designs!


Machine-Made and Hand-Tufted Options

We offer variety in not only design, colors, and quality, but also affordable options for those of us on a tight budget. Our machine-made rugs provide the beauty of traditional designs, at a fraction of the price. Our machine-rugs themselves contain a wide variety of styles, designs, colors, and materials—all while working within your budget.

Hand-tufted rugs are an affordable in-between, the feel of an authentic, hand-knotted rug at almost a machine-made rug kind of price. 


Custom Rugs

we don't just sell rugs...

we weave your dreams.

​At Rug Center, we believe that if you can dream it, we can make it. We provide the option of hand-knotted rug creation—customizing it with any design, color, size, material, or shape possible. Whether it be a design from a favorite painting, a fit for a spiral staircase, a re-creation of a relic from the past—our weavers will deliver.

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